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Prospective Families


We are delighted that you are considering The Grosse Pointe Academy.  
Just like each child is unique, so to should be the educational environment that supports them. Regardless of your child's strengths and interests, each deserves an environment that meets them where they are and lifts them up to reach new heights they may have never imagined possible. 
Thank you for your interest in The Grosse Pointe Academy. 
We look forward to meeting you.  

Early School

Our Montessori Early School is a welcoming, nurturing environment for our youngest learners. As leaders in Montessori education, our instructors cultivate a powerful desire to learn that fosters creativity, independence, and perseverance in every student.


“I fell in love with the Montessori program and the nurturing environment. I also loved the fact that the emphasis was on learning and not just play.”

Lower School

In our Lower School, your first through fourth grader will not only be challenged to meet and exceed their own academic expectations, but also be invited to ask questions, use critical thinking skills, apply their knowledge in project-based learning, take on leadership roles and understand their role as global citizens.

“My husband and I are continually impressed as the girls move up the academic ladder. Each new level only exceeds our expectations. It’s an outstanding education.” 

Middle School

For Middle Schoolers, each day brings a new opportunity. A new opportunity to learn, lead and use those skills to impact the world. With robust elective offerings, Middle Schoolers are challenged to try new things and use that knowledge to ask questions, seek solutions and overcome obstacles. 


“The teachers and staff provide a very warm, caring, nurturing environment that helps children grow and blossom. There is a sense of community here."



Lower School Enjoying Recess