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Bitty Bulldogs Sports Academy


Winter Bitty Bulldogs


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What is Bitty Bulldogs?

Bitty Bulldogs is an after-school sports program designed to introduce our students grades K through 4 to the sports we offer at The Grosse Pointe Academy. 

What is the goal of Bitty Bulldogs? 

Through the Bitty Bulldogs, we aim to build relationships, leadership skills, fundamental skills and a love for the sport enrolled in. 

Who coaches my child in Bitty Bulldogs? 

The Bitty Bulldogs are led by the coaches for our middle school sports teams and Academy athletes.  This is a great opportunity for both our younger athletes to work with coaches and their middle school peers, but also a way for our middle school students to enhance their own leadership skills. 

Our Bitty Bulldogs tennis program will also feature assistance from Court4. 

This sounds great! How do I sign my student up? 

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