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The Arts are an integral part of The Grosse Pointe Academy experience, endowing students with creative expression and freedom, confidence and the pursuit of discovered talent. 

Christian Life

The Grosse Pointe Academy openly welcomes students and families of all faiths and backgrounds. As a former convent, the Academy’s Christian heritage informs our values of empathy, equality and compassion.


Our Library and Media Literacy programs at The Grosse Pointe Academy encourage a life-long love of reading and learning. 


The music and performing arts program at The Grosse Pointe Academy not only creates a life-long appreciation for music, but also allows students to develop poise and confidence - traits they carry with them  through high school, college, careers and beyond. 

Physical Education

Our Physical Education program is more than "gym class" it is about realizing your individual potential, participating as a teammate and  encouraging others to reach their potential. 


The Grosse Pointe Academy uses technology to prepare students for an ever-evolving digital landscape, provide new learning methods and leverage technology’s power to connect the world and create cross-cultural dialogue.

World Languages

The study of world languages begins with our Early School and continues to Grade 8, giving students the power to communicate, share across cultures and receive the cognitive benefits of second language learning