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Purpose-Built Campus

If we want children to move mountains, we must first let them get out of their chairs.

 Nicolette Sowder

How do our students benefit from this space?

The Grosse Pointe Academy offers a unique combination of both a rich history as well as our future-focused curriculum.
Our campus is set on 20 acres with a beautiful lake as a backdrop and unique spaces built with purpose:
to support our students as they discover their passions, learn new things and reach heights they may not have imagined.
Visit our campus and on any given day you may see:
  • a group of middle school students working on a science project studying the hundreds of trees on our campus
  • a group of lower school students collecting the wild violets to be dehydrated and turned into a tea or syrup
  • a group of early school students staring up in wonderment at a woodpecker or other wildlife that call the Academy home
Our buildings and spaces, some hundreds of years old and others built this year, are planned and maintained with one simple purpose:
How do our students benefit from this space?