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Student Experiences

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

 William Butler Yeats

An Academy education is not about sitting at a desk and memorizing facts. It is about understanding the importance of what you are learning and applying it to the world around you. 

Providing opportunities for our students to experience life outside of the classroom is another part of the Academy educational experience. 

Early School

For our youngest learners in Early School, we bring the world to them. Whether it be in-school "fieldtrips" where local organizations bring the experience to the classroom, virtual field trips or getting outside and planting in the Early School garden, going on a bug hunt or learning about the birds and creatures that make our Academy grounds their home, our Early Schoolers have a robust experiential learning environment. 

Main School

For our Main School students, field trips augment learning, guest speakers from near and far visit our classrooms and camps provide opportunities for our students to not only learn but learn about each other. 

From the Mackinac Island trip in Grade 4 to the Colorado trip in Grade 8, our students have opportunities to put the Academy Cornerstones in action.  For example, during the Grade 8 Colorado trip, students not only enjoy visiting national parks and hiking, but as importantly they spend the trip volunteering, creating memories that will last a lifetime.