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Montessori Early School

The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.

Maria Montessori

There are several ways that prospective families can visit our Early School to see our Montessori classrooms in action. 

Montessori Mornings

Throughout the school year, our team host several Montessori Mornings designed to allow prospective parents and caregivers meet our team and get an in depth look at the structure of the Montessori classroom.  

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Personal Tour

Perhaps you have attended a Montessori Morning and want to learn more, or perhaps you prefer a one-on-one tour.  Contact our Early School Admissions Team to arrange a personal tour of the Montessori Early School. 

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The Early School Curriculum

The Grosse Pointe Academy’s Montessori Early School program builds the foundation for an advanced understanding of language, mathematics, reasoning, and critical thinking at a young age.

As the longest-running Montessori program in Michigan, our instructors cultivate a powerful desire to learn that fosters creativity, independence, and perseverance in every student.

Specials in the Early School

Early School Division Head Q&A

Have questions about the benefits of a Montessori education for your child? Our Early School Leader, Claudia Leslie answers your questions. 

Enrollment Options

Our Montessori Early School has a variety of enrollment options, including half days, full days, Young 5s and Kindergarten.