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Middle School Core


The Science curriculum is full of immersive, hands-on experiences in labs and simulations that teach the scientific method through practice and exploration. Collaboration and cooperation become a part of investigation as students are tasked with solving problems in pairs and small groups.

As they progress through Middle School, our students learn advanced concepts in Earth Science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry in a experiential and applied manner. 


In the beginning stages of Middle School, students are focused on mastery, which is achieved through intentional sequencing of concepts. 

As they advance, our math curriculum emphasizes problem solving and empowers students to think mathematically, both inside and outside the classroom. Pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, data analysis, probability and advanced math topics are included in this rigorous series.

Social Studies

Middle School Social Studies at the Academy includes an immersive view of Government, Geography, Current Events and History. 

Whether conducting field research by visiting historic sites, discussing current affairs or learning about different cultures and their impact on history, our students are encouraged to ask questions and understand the world around them.


The Middle School ELA curriculum encourages students to become lifelong, confident readers and writers. 

Using their developing critical thinking skills, students read increasingly complex materials, analyze content and learn to present findings in engaging and thorough ways.

World Languages

Learning a world language is more than just memorizing words and phrases. It is understanding cultures, history and how global citizenship is an important part of development. In Middle School, our students can choose to continue their study of French or expand their language skills to include Spanish. 

Christian Life

The Grosse Pointe Academy openly welcomes students and families of all faiths and backgrounds. As a former convent, the Academy’s Christian heritage informs our values of empathy, equality and compassion.
The Academy is emphatically dedicated to empowering students to not only grow up to be intelligent adults, but responsible citizens who value fellow human beings, cultures, opinions, differences and the planet – as well as themselves.

Phys Ed

The importance of being physically active does not diminish as we get older.  Our Physical Education program is built on the premise that life-long physical fitness habits will benefit our students for years to come. Our Middle Schoolers have the opportunity to participate in sports, fitness and team building activities.  

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