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Elective Program

The Middle School Electives Program at the Academy is a safe space to try new things, focus on your passions and further develop leadership skills. 

Financial Literacy

Empowering students with an understanding of making sound financial decisions, being critical consumers, money management and entrepreneurship. 

Highly interactive, the financial literacy program allows students to take an active role in managing our school store, including product procurement, negotiating and marketing. 

Through our stock market exploration they learn about stock market investments and decide where to invest their funds. They will learn about spending and credit, saving and investing, financial responsibility and decision making. 



Whether it be using the engineering design process to  design, test and build an off-road wheelchair, a portable wheelchair ramp or an automatic floor sweeper computer program in a biomedical engineering elective, or  participating in our land, sea, air mechanical engineering and design class, the STEAM and STEM classes at the Academy are hands on and challenge our students to think big. 

Electives such as furniture design and printmaking allow students to use their engineering design build skills to apply to more artistic pursuits while learning technical skills. 


Multimedia & Performing Arts

Our multimedia programs allow students to both learn  real-world technological applications through creating a video news magazine show as well as explore creative passions.

Through plays, instrument instruction and songwriting  and recording classes, students can expand on their understanding of music or perhaps learn a new instrument. 

Farm to Table

Farm to Table electives allow students to have hands on instruction in planting, growing and harvesting organic food, creating healthy, delicious recipes from the garden and preparing and serving those recipes in class.  Students will grow and prepare food with an emphasis on ecologically conscious sustainability.