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Lower School

Lower School students learn in an environment that builds confidence, encourages them to ask questions and challenges students to lead and consider their impact on the world around  them.

Lower School Curriculum

Lower School Projects

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Nutrition Fair

Our third and fourth graders worked as groups, researched nutrition and physical fitness then held a nutrition fair for their classmates. Part of being an Academy Student is critical thinking, effectively communicating and active listening!

Sea Life Projects

Our first graders combined their skills learned in French, art, music and science to create and present a Sea Life Project. Part of being an Academy student is understanding global citizenship and being an effective communicator!

Second Grade Duck Incubation

Our second graders are learning biology by incubating duck eggs. Part of being an Academy student is being an environmental steward.

Poetry Slam

Our first graders celebrated poetry month by holding a poetry slam! Part of being an Academy student is learning how to be an Effective Communicator.

Lower School Specials