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Academy Cornerstones

The Academy Cornerstones

“The world doesn’t care what you know. What the world cares about is what you do with what you know.”
― Tony Wagner

The Grosse Pointe Academy faculty is committed to not only establish what we want students to learn, but also what they will be able to do with the knowledge they acquire. 
As brain science and research informs us more and more about how students learn, we must continually strive to evolve our teaching methods and curriculum to match. Today’s students learn differently and thrive in environments that foster more innovative and flexible instructional methods.
With this purpose in mind, we developed the Academy Cornerstones. The Cornerstones are attributes that we will develop within each of our students, serving as guideposts for adding depth to student learning.

We believe that each Cornerstone is essential to our students’ success in school and in life and aligns with the school’s mission and core values. It is our responsibility to develop a curriculum and establish a learning environment that nurtures, challenges and inspires our students to become intellectually curious, empathetic, leaders, independent, global citizens, active listeners, critical thinkers and effective communicators.
Each attribute is defined not only by behaviors we expect to develop, but also those that do not exemplify these traits. Across classrooms and grade levels, these attributes will manifest themselves in our teaching, curriculum and culture.
We believe that the Academy Cornerstones will help students recognize their value as scholars and people, and allow them to be better prepared for a world that will require them to be much more nimble and adaptable.

The Academy Cornerstones

First page of the PDF file: GPACornerstones