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Arc of Development

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress in every society, in every family.”
― Kofi Annan

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Since the creation of our new strategic plan, Vision for the Future, we have been committed to building a model of education that better aligns with the reality of a world that requires new knowledge, skill sets, and habits for success.

Our goal is for our students to develop a deeper understanding of what they are learning, recognize how their unique abilities can contribute to society, discover their passions, maximize their potential, and engage civically in a democracy.

To this end, we have developed the Arc of Development, and devote a great deal of time to continually evaluating our content knowledge across all of our disciplines, instructional approaches, and the attributes that students will need for future success.

The purpose is to establish a model of education that not only builds a strong foundation of content knowledge in core subjects but also assists students in building other capacities to help invent their futures. Crucial skills such as self-efficacy, self-direction, resilience, critical thinking, effective communication, organization (executive function), and collaboration are all important to navigating their educational journey, the professional world, and life. Our small class environment and individualized learning design allow us the ability to focus on these aspects of our students’ development. 

In addition, we continually connect our students to the outside world. Whether through guest instructors, field trips, projects, events, community service, or even internships for middle schoolers, these opportunities contribute to learning, connect knowledge acquisition to the real world, provide exposure to careers, and help build a network of professional relationships.                                   

To better align with the realities of future success, the world needs education to evolve in meaningful ways and quicker. We are committed to transforming your children's learning experience so they can develop the attributes critical to contributing to a world that is always advancing and innovating. 

Arc of Development