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The Grosse Pointe Academy

Ages 2.5 to Grade 8

Welcome to The Grosse Pointe Academy

The Grosse Pointe Academy nurtures, challenges and inspires children aged 2½ through Grade 8 to ask not only what have I learned, but how will I impact the world...

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The Academy Difference

from our community

“We have been amazed at the community of teachers, students, their families and all of the staff at the Academy. Our child comes home each day not just having learned new things, but knows how she can use that knowledge in her daily life.”

Bill,  Lower School Parent

“I am proud to teach at the Academy. It feels more like a home than a get that sensation in the way everyone interacts with one another. It is engrained in the culture and it radiates through the building and beautiful campus. It is a place I look forward to coming to everyday and be the best I can be. ”

Dayun,  Middle School Teacher

My time here at the Grosse Pointe Academy was the best adventure that I’ve had yet."

Elijah,  Alumni, 2022 Graduate