Lunch Menu

We are pleased to bring back our lunch service program with PlumSmart. PlumSmart at GPA is managed by Executive Chef Kelly Toone and GPA Managing Supervisor Marilyn Thousand. The goal of PlumSmart is to help transition students to a healthier lifestyle. Students will find natural ingredients in the food selections.

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Vegetarian, dairy free and gluten free options are offered daily.

In addition to providing school food services, Plum Market is available to help Academy families with personal catering needs. Plum will donate 5% of catering orders back to GPA!

For catering, please contact Rachel Rattray, Catering & Events, 248-487-7000 .

Plum Smart Foodservice is proud to offer a wide array of options for all the children at The Grosse Pointe Academy, even picky eaters. Daily we offer a vegetarian entrée as an alternate meal. This is helpful for those children who don’t eat animal protein or just don’t like what the entrée is that day. Our chefs prepare soups from scratch daily, giving the students at least two options so that if the entrée isn’t appealing to them, they still have something hot to eat. We offer a very colorful salad bar for the children as well. On any given day they will find two types of salad greens, fresh fruits and vegetables, salads made of whole grains like quinoa and wheat berries, Tofu, and a wide array of homemade dressings to choose from. The children are also offered a sandwich station where they can get a premade peanut butter and jelly sandwich or build a sandwich of their liking with a variety of deli meats and cheeses, all on whole grain breads. Our program is designed to get the kids excited about wholesome food by making it taste good. By giving kids the option to explore with whole grains, we are setting them up to make healthy choices as adults.

If you have any questions regarding food served by PlumSmart please contact Kelly Toone: