Our Program


How does the Academy prepare its students for high school and beyond?

A large measure rests on our strong and broad curriculum and programs with an emphasis on heightened challenges and increased opportunities as students progress from grade to grade. Our curriculum is intentionally flexible so that teachers may meet each group of students’ learning profile each year while also enabling students to work well above grade level. Of course, preparation for the next levels goes far beyond the academic advantage that is fostered at the Academy.

It is seen in our focus on the arts, public speaking, athletics, community service, character development and leadership. Moreover, students are expected to participate in a broad spectrum of extracurricular offerings and non-academic opportunities, acquiring self-confidence and a sense of self-worth, developing moral foundations, gaining an appreciation for aesthetics, finding new modes of self-expression, adopting healthy lifestyles and discovering possibilities in the process. These experiences provide the Academy advantage, allowing students to take a higher trajectory as they chart their paths to high school, college and beyond.