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The arts are an integral part of an Academy education and give each student one more area in which to shine. Through the creative movement program and music class, children have the freedom to explore their creativity and express themselves in dance and song. Students engage in the study of visual arts using a variety of media including painting, drawing, sculpting, printmaking, fibers and clay work.

Opportunities to perform are numerous and begin at a young age. Early School children participate in Grandparents’ Day, first graders sing to their eighth grade buddies during the graduation ceremony, and each child, from first grade through eighth, has the opportunity to take the spotlight during the class play. The culmination of the Academy experience is in fact the eighth grade play, when each student participates in all aspects of the production – from designing the set to performing on stage.

Says one alumna of her experience performing choreographies in music class: “It gave me the ability to project myself with confidence in a way that people respect.” Other alumni recall acquiring similar confidence from participating on the forensics team or speaking in front of classmates, from a first grade sea life report to an eighth grade immigration presentation.

Whatever the opportunity, be it singing gospel music with a guest conductor, playing with the Eighth Grade Bell Choir, or displaying a “masterpiece” in the Art Loft & Gallery, the experience is sure to shine on in students’ hearts and memories.

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