World Language


The primary goals of the world language program are to:

Challenge students to:

  • Have proper communication skills in understanding, speaking, reading and writing in a second language
  • Develop a better understanding of one’s own language

Inspire students to:

  • Acquire the skills to communicate in a second language
  • Become true ambassadors of their own culture
  • Develop positive attitudes towards linguistic and lifestyle differences

Nurture a:

  • Love of lifelong learning of world languages and cultures
  • Appreciation for, and understanding of the language and culture of others
  • Broader global awareness

The World Language program strives to support and help develop students’ skills, so they may contribute and lead at a global level. As our world becomes an increasingly interdependent place, having an understanding of other cultures has become essential. This understanding includes a global awareness of different values, religions, and world perspectives. True communication is ultimately gained through common language.