Reference Sources

Worldbook Kids
A multimedia encyclopedia for K-8 Hint: User Names and Passwords are the usual for Grosse Pointe Academy.

Worldbook On-Line
A multimedia encyclopedia for 4-8 Hint: User Names and Passwords are the usual for Grosse Pointe Academy.

Discovery Education
Teachers and Students have access to this site. User Names and Passwords are unique for each individual. If you need your User Name and Password you can email Ms. Black. Even without signing in there are tons of terrific resources on this site.

Easy Bib
Use this free online tool to create bibliographies, cite sources, and find credible research sources. It will automatically format citations in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles and integrates with Google Docs.

Sweet Search 4 Me
A research search engine that directs searches to age appropriate, credible, peer reviewed websites and sources.

This website created and maintained by Ms. Black contains the best educational sites and tools on the Internet categorized by subject and age.

This is a page of icon based links on the UnCommon Core site created for GPA for technology integration. Use it as a visual launching pad to the best the web has to offer.

CommonSense Media
This site offers free advice and reviews to help parents navigate all things media including films, television, video games, apps, and websites. They also have comprehensive guides to Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship.

OnGuard OnLine
This site is completely dedicated to help parents keep their children, young adults, and computers safe in the 21st Century

Google Family Safety Center

Teach Parents Tech
This site by Google teaches basic skills most users need but don’t often know.

Keyboarding Workshop
Dance Mat Typing is an engaging, interactive way to sharpen keyboarding skills by the BBC.

Web Path Express