Halloween Fun – with a Purpose

by Lars Kuelling, Head of School

Five little jack o’lanterns sitting on a fence. Spooky-ooky ghosts hanging from the windows. Orange pumpkins dripping from a freshly painted canvas.

Halloween has arrived at the Early School, yet I notice that it looks a little different than what we normally imagine when we think of the usual frenzy surrounding Halloween.

The five little jack o’lanterns are actually five students in Mrs. Sturm’s room who act out the song as the class sings together, with students taking turns leading each other in remembering the words. The spooky-ooky ghosts are one of the options for daily work in Ms. Kate’s room, and they require students to follow multi-step directions, to utilize tools, to tie a knot, to exhibit precision in their work if the ghosts are to take the correct form. And, the painting of pumpkins in Mrs. Varty’s room emphasizes fine motor skills and color selection as students mix paints to get the best color for the stem.

Halloween is just as much fun at our Early School as it is at other schools. Yet, it also feels more purposeful as our teachers capture students’ excitement about Halloween to further their natural tools for learning. I love that about our Montessori program, an education that is continuous and integrated in all we do.

Happy Halloween Early School students…I hope you enjoy the treat that a Montessori education is!

For information about how your child can get more out of preschool, contact Jennifer Kendall, Assistant Head of School for Early School Education and Admissions, at 313.886.1221 or jkendall@gpacademy.org.