“I Did It!”

by Lars Kuelling, Head of School

“I did it!”

Six letters.

Three words.

One extremely happy Early School student.

ES girl with cardsIt never fails to amaze me how the accomplishment of the skills we adults too often take for granted can bring so much satisfaction, so much pride, so much joy, to the life of a child. I see it regularly on the athletic field, in school competitions, in the correct answer given in response to a teacher’s question, and it was on display for parents to see at the Early School Parents’ and Special Friends’ Day this past Friday.

On this day, it came from a three-year-old student as her class tapped out the rhythm for a song they were performing. The first time through, she wore a determined look on her face, and as she successfully completed the first verse, her excitement got the best of her as she exclaimed “I did it!” for the world to hear.

The beauty of her statement came in the fact that she wasn’t proclaiming her success because she wanted her teacher to see it, because she had something to show mom or dad, or because she wanted to grab the spotlight. There was no smug sense of self-worth that is based on being better than someone else, the sort of posturing that is too often on display after a big tackle or a huge dunk.

Instead, she was reveling in the sheer joy of success, for having done something correctly, for having mastered a difficult task and for having contributed to her class’s performance for their parents. She didn’t need an audience for this exclamation, but it made it all the better to be there, to see her expression of joy at a job well done and to know she had done it. What she exhibited was a personal recognition that she had gotten it right. “I did it!” was her “Aha!” moment. It was a celebration of an accomplishment, and it was so beautifully summed up in six letters, three words, one happy student.

How nice of her to share that joy with us!

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