Middle School Overview

The Grosse Pointe Academy middle school program provides an academic, artistic, spiritual, physical, and social environment that promotes the education of the whole child. As you begin to peruse this overview of the middle school experience, we invited you to learn more about how we nurture, challenge, and inspire students at The Grosse Pointe Academy.


  • Our small class sizes give teachers the opportunity to know their students on a much more personal level and afford the students more individual growth.
  • Research shows that K-8 schools of fewer than 400 students are the best social environments for middle school children.
  • 96% of Academy graduates reported they felt safe in our school.  Not only do they feel safe from harm or bullying, but they are comfortable participating in high school classes, which allows them to excel at that level.
  • Our focus on their moral and spiritual development includes weekly chapel, morning meeting, and Christian Life classes.
  • Middle school students meet in advisory three times a week, creating bonds with fellow students and engaging with caring faculty members who advocate for the students in and out of the classroom.
  • We provide high school counseling that offers individualized assistance in placing students in over a dozen of the top high schools in our area to ensure our students and families find the right high school fit.


  • Studies have found a significant drop in test scores for students who attend stand-alone middle schools while scores for students in K-8 programs tend to stay constant or increase during middle school years.
  • More than two-thirds of our middle school students this year ranked in the top 10% nationally on the ERB CTP4 area tests, qualifying them for the Northwestern University Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS), a gifted and talented identification program.  Simply put, we have extremely bright students at this school, and it is cool to be smart at GPA.
  • We provide a rigorous academic program that prepares children according to their abilities and interests. Roughly 80% of our graduates take AP and Honors courses in high school vs. 46% at Grosse Pointe South and 32% nationally who take AP courses.
  • Our math program has been designed to allow students to reach their highest potential regardless of grade level. In some cases, we have students who have advanced two grade levels in math so that they are challenged appropriately.


  • We do not take high-stakes tests and have more independence with our curriculum, so we can offer more meaningful and inspiring classes.
  • In an era that downplays non-academic classes, our students have Art, Music, and Physical Education every day and are required to participate in at least one sport during the year.
  • We offer real-world elective classes where students meet with professionals in the field and solve cross-disciplinary problems.
  • 100% of our graduates in a recent survey participated in extracurricular activities in high school and college, and 60% of those graduates held leadership positions.
  • Our students have the experience of being big fish in a smaller pond, preparing them for  success at the next levels.