Middle School: Preparation for Life

science_bd4a3056_1000pxProviding opportunities for high scholastic achievement and strong moral development is the cornerstone of an Academy education. Nowhere is that more evident than in the middle school years. Grades 6-8 continue to build upon and reinforce the effective study habits and organizational skills learned in the Lower School. Along with a rigorous core academic program that encompasses mathematics, language arts, social studies, science and technology, Academy middle schoolers also have three years of world language study. Students use the technology and research skills honed in the earlier grades in the computer lab and media center to work independently and demonstrate critical thinking skills while preparing high school level research papers, reports and presentations. A culminating interdisciplinary research project and oral report in eighth grade, followed by final exams in core subjects, uniquely prepare Academy graduates for the rigors of a high school curriculum.

In addition to academic excellence, shaping young people and preparing them for life is another of the Academy’s strengths. Acknowledging achievements and creating leadership opportunities are essential to building a student’s confidence and enabling him or her to set and achieve goals. The Academy’s annual induction to the National Junior Honor Society recognizes those students who have maintained a high grade point average while demonstrating leadership, service, character and citizenship.

At the heart of an Academy education is a strong sense of community. Recognizing that community responsibility begins wtih community awareness, we require each of our middle school students to commit to 20 hours of community service per year.

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