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Mission & Vision
The objectives of library media services and technology at The Grosse Pointe Academy are twofold. The first is to encourage a lifelong love of reading and learning. The second is to support and enrich the core curriculum while developing 21st century literacy skills with self discipline, ethics, and an intrinsic responsibility toward the greater good of the community.

Therefore, the primary goals of the Technology and Library Media Services program are to develop students who use technology to:

  • Create and innovate
  • Communicate and collaborate
  • Research, evaluate, and use information skillfully
  • Think critically, problem solve, and make sound decisions
  • Participate as responsible, empathetic digital citizens.
  • Demonstrate a solid understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations
  • Nurture a love of the aesthetics of traditional books and the library as a place to build scholarly community
  • Develop balanced habits and boundaries with regard to time spent using technology and being present in the here and now

The Technology and Library Media Services Program is designed to provide: Support, resources, information, and guidance in the attainment of all of the aforementioned goals.

Books and Authors
Find reading lists, award winners, latest news on new books, and visiting authors.

Reference Sources and Homework Helpers
Links to on-line databases, directories and web sites to support student and faculty research.

Teacher Projects
A quick list of the best resources to complete teacher assignments.

Big Six Research Steps
These are the six key steps that are taught to students during their library time.

On-line Safety
Click on this link for ten helpful rules for students to follow to ensure their safety when using the Internet.

Parenting in the Digital Age Presentation